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    Don’t let the world take the wind out of your sails, turn on your engine.  One year ago I came up with a wonderful idea for a Newsletter Marketing company for Small Business.  What I didn’t foresee was that it would take me eleven months to actually find great writers, a graphic artist and a kick a** sales team to help me properly market the company.

    After the first six months I didn’t feel as if I had made any real progress, and at times wanted to hang up my hat and call it quits.  Then that little voice which gave me the idea to start the company in the first place said, “Not to give up – don’t stop, because your breakthrough is right around the corner”.

    What I discovered that day was that living a life you love starts from within. I also realized that going after your goals, dreams and aspirations is a huge part of giving your all in every aspect of your life.

    Pretty cool right?


    And that’s when my team and I came up with the Dynamic Living 3 Keys to not letting the world take the wind out of your sails.


    Dynamic Living Key #1 

    Give to yourself and to others.  This could be taking a bath, reading a book, going on a date with a loved one, or exercising.  Just make sure to do something you love daily.


    Dynamic Living Key #2

    Speak Life into your visions and goals by praising them as your reality and then take the actions needed to make them a reality.


    Dynamic Living Key #3

    Share Love with yourself & others by saying I love you, giving a hug, buying yourself some flowers or giving some to someone that you love.


    #DynamicLiving Tip:  Remember you are in control of your destiny.  No one can stop you from what God has for you; always keep going no matter what.


    Question: What methods do you use to make sure the world does not take the wind out of your sails?


    Stay Dynamic,


    Neferteri Shepherd

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