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    I am the founder of Single Mom Planet a tax exempt organization that is dedicated to empowering Single Mom’s to Be, Do, & Have a Dynamic Life the Love!  Visit: today to find out more!


    Single Mom Planet provides resources, events, programs and outlets that will benefit and uplift the single mother community.  Single Mom Planet will give back to single mother’s who have given the gift of life to this world. Single Mom Planet will honor them for who they truly are; strong, resourceful and resilient.

    Our programs are here to support divorced moms, co-parenting moms and single moms.

    The Facts


    Approximately 4 out 10 children born are born to unwed mothers. Nearly two-thirds are born to mothers under the age of 30.1

    Of all single-parent families in the U.S., single mothers make up the majority.

    Out of 12.2 million single parent families in 2012, more than 80% were headed by single mothers.

    Today, 1 in 3 children – a total of 15 million – are being raised without a father.3 Of that group, nearly half live below the poverty line.

    Two fifths of single mother families are “food insecure,”12 one seventh use food pantries, one third spend more than half their income on housing, which is generally considered the threshold for “severe housing cost burden.”

    family lifestyle portrait of a mother with her son having fun outdoorsSingle-parent families are among the poorest in the nation and as such, are extremely vulnerable to homelessness. Among all homeless families, 8 out of 10 are headed by single women with children.13


    If we don’t do something

    If we don’t step in to make sure single mothers have proper support the number of single mom homes will continue to increase.  There is a huge probability that without guidance and programs more single mothers and their children will end up homeless.


    How can you help?

    Become a Mentor: If you have a passion for helping the single mother community you can join our Single Mother Planet Mentorship Program.  We need your support to assure single moms that they are not alone.  The mentorship program is designed to allow each enrolled single mother the opportunity to have the tools needed to make their dreams a reality.

    Donate: When you donate to Single Mom Planet you are helping us bring much needed support, job training counseling, mentorship & business development programs to the single mother community.  Click here to Donate Now.

    Volunteer: Your time is all we need.  Want to lend a helping hand join the Single Mom Planet Volunteer Team.  We have 4 annual events and a quarterly mentorship program that needs you to assist in creating a space to help single moms Be, Do & Have a Dynamic Life no matter what.

    Have a Fundraiser: Want to help raise money for Single Moms?  Fantastic because they need your help.  We can help you organize a fundraiser in you area; this can range from a Single Mom Tea Party, back to work wardrobe drive, back to school college and continuing education fund and a helping and healing spiritual retreat fund.

    Become A Sponsor: Click here to learn more about our upcoming Single Mom Planet Dynamic Living Forums, Brunches and Mom Financial Empowerment Mimosa & Money Events taking place in 2014.

    You can also sponsor our yearly programs packed full of great outlets to help empower single moms in the Los Angeles, CA. area.

    Contact Us: E-mail to find out how you can help Single Moms become empowered in their lives, giving them access to live a life they love!

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