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  • Single Mom Planet Mission & History

    Our Mission  Single Mom Planet Mission & History

    Single Mom Planet empowers Single Mom’s to Be, Do and Have a Dynamic Life no matter what!  We give Single Mom’s the tools to access their natural ability to live a Dynamic Life that they love through our Los Angeles based Single Mom’s Mentorship Program.  Single Mom Planet will celebrate, encourage, inform, educate and empower single mom’s everywhere.




    Our History

    Single Mom Planet has a simple concept, we help Single Moms live a Dynamic Life.

    When the founder of Single Mom Planet Neferteri Shepherd found herself single after 5 years of marriage with two kids in tow, she discovered that she was MAD and could not move on with her life completely.  With the help of her mother Cynthia Shepherd, Local Church counseling,  exercise and meditation, Neferteri found herself on a spiritual journey toward being completely free from her past life.  The anger and resentment that she was carrying around was running her life, when she finally got real to the fact that she was creating her own life and that know one was responsible for her happiness she began to see that their was a need in the Single Mother Community for healing, love, guidance & encouragement to help single mothers move on to begin living a Dynamic Life no matter what.

    Through this healing process Neferteri discovered a “Get Real” healing process that she wanted to spread in the single mom community.  “Lets Get Mad Together” was developed to heal while allowing single mom’s to take full ownership and responsibility for who they are in their own lives. This empowering way of living life was designed to help Single Moms Live A Dynamic Life no matter what.  Neferteri’s  goal for Single Mom Planet is to create a space for Single Moms to share their ups and downs, to be empowered, become stronger, more resilient and persevere.  The 3-month mentorship program is being developed by Single Mom Planet Mentorship Program Director and celebrity makeup artist Cole Patterson of Last Looks by Cole.  This program is designed to help each enrolled single mom to create and execute a goal that they want to achieve in life whether it’s going to college, entering into a happy relationship, finding a new job, living a healthy lifestyle or starting their own business.

    It is that simple: transform one single mother one day at a time.

    Single Mom Planet’s mentors are powerful women who are living Dynamic Lives ranging from Financial Advisers, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Chefs & TV Executives.  All of the mentors are or were single mothers or were raised by a single mother.

    Single Mom Planet was created – to expose single mothers to a space of creative, limitless opportunity fueled by the powerful healing of the Single Mom Community, making a way for them and their children to thrive and prosper. Single Mom Planet Mission & History

    Get the facts about Single Mom Planet, download the Single Mom Planet Fact Sheet Click Here. Single Mom Planet Mission & History