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    Say Yes

    Dynamic Living Principle # 4


    This past week I attended a 12 hour empowerment conference and the topic of the day was “Let The World Be Your Yes”!  Stop interpreting the world from a NO state of mind.  Whenever you stay focused on what you want and don’t allow negative thoughts, conversations or mental images that don’t align with your vision to get in your way, you embrace the world as your YES.


    “Life is a helluva lot more fun if you say yes rather than no.”  ~Richard Branson


    Today’s Newsletter Is About: Letting the world be your yes!

    3 Keys to living a YES life:

    1.  Talk to the world as your YES, create a new way of speaking, speak into situations as if you have already been told YES.

    2.  Inspire others to live in a world of YES with you.  Spread the word and empower others to remove the NO way of living from their life.

    3.  Practice.  They say practice makes perfect; remember our minds are fertile ground and  when left unattended will run all over the city telling us what we can’t do, who we can’t be and that no one cares about us.  We have to practice telling our minds that we are now in a state of YES living and everything I desire is on its way.

    Dynamic Living Doable:

    I would like to invite you to consider saying YES as a new way of life.  Everything you do today approach it as if the people, circumstances and things have already told you YES!   Now stop, take a deep breath and release, now close your eyes and imagine the world including everyone and everything in it telling you YES to all of your requests.

    Now remember this feeling.  Feels pretty good right?

    Do you know that a being in a YES state of mind is our true place of well being.  This is who we truly are, a magnet for YES!

    “Say YES!”

    In the comment area below let the Dynamic Living Community know what you’re up to creating in your new life of YES. You never know, what you have to say could be the turning point to inspire someone else.

    I’d love to hear from you. Do you find your life being more in a NO state than a YES? What actions do you plan on taking to being creating a life of YES?

    Your story matters to me, please share it in the comments below. Remember your experience may be the insight someone in our Dynamic Living Community needs!

    Thank you for taking a Dynamic Stand for your life.

    With Love,


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