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    I love modeling. I  admire beautiful women that encapsulate the true essence of what being a fashion model is all about. My favorite models from the Original Supermodel era: Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, and Iman.

    The new girls on the block are doing a fine job of holding down the fort such as; Chanel Iman and Candice Swanepoel. They are a fun and cute group of young woman who keep the word FIERCE on the tip of your tongue.

    As a model I’ve worked with amazing companies, designers and fashion lines like GUY & EVA, Dr.Jay’s, Betsy Johnson, Apple, Sony Cameras, Venus swimwear, Shirley of Hollywood. In Style Magazine, Lime Squash Magazine, Black Men’s Magazine,  and as a a campaign model for Privacy Wear.

    3 Tips To Becoming A Model

    1. Know Your Industry

    Don’t let anyone keep you from your dreams; with that being said make sure you know what category you should be in.  Example. Commercial Print, High Fashion, Character Model,  Runway, Body Part Modeling, Lingerie, Swimsuit,  Catalog, Real Family Print, ect.

    2.  Research The Greats

    Make sure you study the industry; the modeling and fashion industry brings in Millions of dollars every year.  Make sure you study the top designer, apparel line, product companies and model; you can learn a lot from the companies and models who have mastered the fashion and modeling industry with successful careers.

    3.  Don’t Spend Tons Of Money On Photos

    Never, ever, ever spend an absorbent amount of money on photos.  Ask a reputable agency for 3 referrals before you spend a dime.  The average photo shoot should cost you no more than $350 for a great test shoot.


    Work With Neferteri Shepherd

    To book me for your next catalog shoot, runway show, tv show, commercial or fashion print job contact my Agent Carol Scott at CESD Print, she Is The BEST.  You can reach Carol Scott at 310.475.7573  for Serious Booking Inquires Only Please.

    I have worked with CESD on a wide variety of photo shoots ranging from Apple Computers, Sony Cameras to Delta Facets & Arby’s Commercials. Find out more about me and feel free to checkout my hosting reel by click the “Learn More” button below.


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