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  • Let’s Create Together


    Let’s Create Together

    Dynamic Living Principle # 3

    Your ideas are fantastic and guess what; no one wants to hear them. Why? Because their your ideas. When I began my career in the entertainment industry I was focused on how I could achieve my goals. I had my best friend, mama, manager and anyone else I could find on-board with my plans.  I left out one key ingredient; their input. I just wanted to do things my way and didn’t take their wisdom and insight into consideration. The number one thing my best friend and manager were both attempting to tell me was to keep it simple and be myself. I thought that I was “being myself” from my point of view. What they could see was the nerdy, goofy girl I truly am was not coming out; this was the “Nef” they were wanting the world to see. On the other hand I wanted the world to know that I was a sexy hot girl…what I didn’t know at the time was that vixen thing gets old quick; literally.  And the keys to long term success in any industry is adding true value to other people lives (being cute doesn’t add a thing to anyone’s life by the way). And the only way to truly add value to others lives is to allow others to add value to yours.

    “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” ~Henry Ford

    The way to access this blend of power meets possibilities is to bring big ideas to the table while allowing those that you want on your team to co-create your dreams with you.

    Today’s Newsletter Is About: Letting your dreams be the dreams of others and co-creating.

    To succeed at a “High Velocity”  state of creation you must enroll others in your life by sharing your dreams and allowing them to help build with you!

    4 Steps to get your friends to help make your dreams come true:

    1.  Create a dream board with your team member(s) or loved one(s) and create ideas together to reach your goals.

    2.  Help them, help you. Let your dream team know what your up to. Keep them in the loop and trust others to complete task that you don’t have time to handle or can’t handle.

    3.  Don’t shoot their ideas down. Trust me this is not the way to rally the troops. You’re not always right…this has been a struggle for me for years thinking I had all the answers; until I allowed some key people in my life to truly be apart of my life growth. This meant telling me the fab, the bad and the ugly. Ohhh weee it got ugly.

    4.  Stop complaining about what’s not happening. When you co-create with someone always be in action toward your goals. Don’t waste hours conversing about what you can’t do, or what’s not working. Quickly access the issue and bring power to it by listing what actions can be taken to immediately turn things around. This method saves my creative dream team and I every-time.”

    How To Keep Creating?

    I highly recommend meditating; this is my way of getting direct access to the source of what I truly want and desire.  Remember, play your position; when you’re in dream mode – dream, when you’re in create mode – create, and when you’re in do mode just do it.

    Dynamic Living Doable:

    Tell three people in your life what you are up to. Ask them what are their thoughts, and let them know your want their help, commitment, and skills to help you make your project a reality. Also let them know you would like assistance in making your dreams a reality.  This is where you get to live fearlessly to get the support and guidance you need to make your dreams a reality.

    Letting others in by sharing your vision will allow them to assist you; remember you have to ask for their help, just because you share your dreams and goals doesn’t mean that everyone will jump on board., people want to know what’s in it for them.

    I Want To Be On Your Dream Team!

    In the comment area below let the Dynamic Living Community know what you’re up to creating in your life in regards to family, relationships and business. You never know, there could be someone waiting to jump on your DREAM TEAM.

    I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever struggled with getting others to help you create your dreams? How did you attempt to get them involved and did it work?

    Your story matters to me, please share it in the comments below. Remember, the more direct and open you are the better, your experience may be the insight someone in our Dynamic Living Community needs!

    Thank you for taking a Dynamic Stand for your life.

    With Love,


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