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    Dynamic Living Principle # 2
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    “I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind.”                                                              
    ~Albert Enstien

    Just keep it simple; my mother still tells me this to this day. I absolutely had no idea what on earth she was talking about the first time she told me to keep it simple. I mean come on keep it simple; how could I possibly do that between photo shoots, tv sets and world wide travel! And then I finally got it, I understood what she’d been telling me for years; my mothers keys to life were to simplify your life, stay focused and find your power. Dynamic Living is all about removing all of the extra garbage in our lives. My mother was definitely one of my first true spiritual teachers and I cherish her words to this day.

    How To Simplify Your Life

    1. Paint a very vivid and clear picture of your life (Without vision people perish) and how it would be if you removed all of the energy sucking things from it. Get rid of unnecessary extracurricular activities in your life. Would you layer yourself in the summertime with a tee-shirt, button up fleece, vest, jacket, hat, scarf and gloves when its 100 degrees outside? I don’t think so. The only person sweating would be you; put on some shorts already!

    1. Don’t be a people pleaser. People pleasing is out of style; stop allowing others to manipulate you with their crap.

    1. Keep daily activities simple and enjoy every step of your day with appreciation and gratitude. I always appreciate the little things; I get all warm inside when a fellow driver lets me over in LA traffic when I put my blinker on… that’s when I know the freeway angels are with me 😉

    1. Ask for HELP; you can’t do it all on your own. So why would you try? I ask for help all the time even when I don’t need it.  Start asking for help today, this will get you in the habit of reaching out to your friends, family and colleagues on a consistent basis. The only thing I don’t ask for help with is eating my favorite bread pudding…no help needed.

    1. Get rid of the garbage in your life and in your house. Stop holding onto things you don’t need. My girl Erykah Badu said it best, “You Better Call Tyrone, and Tell Him Come On and Help You Get Your ____________.”

    How Can Keeping It Simple Help Me?

    When you finally decide to keep it simple, you will begin to live a Dynamic Life. You will have more time to play, while enjoying friends, and family. ALL of the drama in our lives is created by us. I repeat ALL of the drama in our lives is created by us. You are a drama making machine; no one made you do it, made you say it, made you go there, made you marry her or made you kiss him… Sorry. Take responsibility and you will be in control of when your new simple way of living begins.

    Dynamic Living Doable:


    First things first; write out your daily activities and take a look at all of the crap you have jammed into your life and clean it out. This life check will help you eliminate all of the things that are not in alignment with what you want your life to be.

    Once you start to truly weed out the unnecessary clutter in your life you will see how Dynamically simple life can be. This new method of living will make you more productive, happy and free. So join me in living a life that you deserve and love.

    Neferteri Shepherd

    Dedicated to Helping You Live a Dynamic Life No Matter What!

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