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  • How to Organize Your Kitchen

    How to Organize Your Kitchen

    Kitchen countertop with food ingredients and herbs

    Cleaning up the clutter around the house is always an ongoing battle for most. You all know what I’m talking about, right? But one of the major problem areas is the kitchen. It’s where you bring groceries, prepare food, eat, chat, wash the dishes and countless other things.  So it’s not surprising that it can sometimes resemble a disaster zone.


    But with some organizing tips and a lot of elbow grease, you can clean up and get the clutter out of your kitchen for good. First get rid of the clutter and start putting them in garbage bags or your recycling bin. Things like empty soda bottles, soda and juice cans, empty plastic bags, grocery receipts, empty cardboard containers of long eaten cereal can go into the recycle.


    Clean out your pantry:

    Look for expired foods and get rid of them. And unclutter: Take a good look at your canned goods and if you have extras, give them away to a neighbor or a food pantry. An easy to install over-the-door shelf can add more space. Sometimes a lazy Susan can also help in de-cluttering by loading it with sauces and spices.


    Forks, Knifes and Spoons… Oh My:

    Since your utensil drawer gets a workout every day of the week, it’s easy to see it turn into a mess without realizing it. Get a compartmentalized utensil container or cutlery tray that will hold all the utensils you have and then some! They’re available at most home stores and even some grocery stores.


    Toss it!:

    Cleaning out your refrigerator of unneeded foods and leftovers is another task that will reduce your clutter, making it easier when you cook. Eliminate those leftovers that have seen better days and dump those green tomatoes that used to be red and all that produce that’s going bad, not to mention the old juice containers that long ago expired.


    Just put it in a JAR:

    Instead of throwing it in the bag like our boy Fabulous said, how about putting it in a jar!  Get rid of your recycled containers that used contain ready-made pasta which you re-use for leftovers. Instead, purchase a set of containers of different sizes that have interlocking lids that keep the air out and keep your food fresh. These will also save you space since they fit one inside the other.


    Reach for the sky:

    Make better use of your cabinet space by stacking your seldom used dishes at the top and your frequently used ones lower on the cabinet. You can also save space with stemware glasses by placing every other glass upside down and making sure you rearrange your shelves so they can accommodate dishes of different sizes.

    Remember, just a few changes can keep things organized.

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