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  • Funny Moments For Lottery Winners

    Becoming one of the world’s most popular person all of a sudden is not really what you might expect while playing your lottery numbers on a boring and normal day.

    But you should always keep in to account that you have 1 chance in millions and that nobody can tell you that you won’t win the lottery jackpot at all. You have 1 chance, so there’s always that only chance for winning a jackpot.

    Incredible Stories Of Lottery Winners

    Winning a lottery jackpot is a top extremely unique event in life. For most lottery winners this was a sudden and really not hoped news that they couldn’t manage the right way. Or at least they all showed to be in seriously in difficultly with the breaking news of being the lottery winner of a multimillionaire jackpot.

    Many of lottery winners didn’t believe the news and went on going to work as all usual days. Others thought to hide the winning ticket in order to reconsider the whole winning event.

    A number of lottery winners thought to have the right winning combo of numbers and only later they realized they matched the latest lotto results, as it happened to a group of restaurant waiters in NJ in an Italian restaurant.

    There are also some funny situations of lottery winners who won just “by accident”, having played one wrong number in the combo they were supposed to play. Lottery player

    Are Online Lotteries As Lucky As Offline Lotteries?

    Probably, beginners and non experts in the field of lotteries are wondering what difference is there between online and offline lotteries.

    Well, the only difference is that online lotteries allow players to save time and efforts. All you need to play lottery is already and immediately accessible through the online account on the online platform you chose to use. All online lotteries are regulated and rules to play are the same as all correspondent offline lotteries: that is to say, same odds and same prize amounts.

    Ice Lotto And Online Tools For Lottery Players  

    Ice Lotto is one of the world’s few safest and most popular platforms with millions lottery players for all edges of the globe. The platform is reachable at the page  and it offers players free essential services, like the free customer service which is a multilingual tool for giving support and tips to players and the free generator of random numbers.

    Moreover, Ice Lotto offers also free tips and information about the latest news in the industry of lotteries. All rules to learn to play lottery games are also offered for free and new registered lottery players who make their first ticket purchase are kindly rewarded with a nice FREE TICKET welcome bonus for choosing Ice Lotto as their main lottery platform.

    Safe Ticket Purchasing At Ice Lotto

    Another important aspect of playing at Ice Lotto is that all ticket purchases are registered and proven. In fact, when a lottery player buys a lottery ticket ( no matter what lottery games ) the team of Ice Lotto will also buy that ticket at the local office of the lottery’s Country.

    Then, a scanned copy of the purchased ticket will be sent from Ice Lotto’s team to the player through his / her online account on Ice Lotto as a purchase proof and for reference.

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