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  • Fun Fall Activities

    Fun Fall Activities

    Yeah!!! It’s fall, the wind is cool the air smells clean and the holiday’s are here.  Are you excited too?  Now, some of you may be missing the Summertime but don’t wallow for to long, because the fall season has a magic of its own; and if we are too busy being sad over summer’s end you will miss it!


    Just like the bounty of the harvest, the vibrant colors and crisp clean air of fall is teeming with fun fall activities just waiting for you and your family.

    Outdoor Fall Activities

    Fall is a great time to take a nature walk. The beautiful colors of the trees should be enjoyed and appreciated. Bring along a camera or have a fun competition to see who can collect the biggest, brightest or most interesting fall foliage.

    Other outdoor activities might include a trip to your local farmer’s market to experience the fall harvest, a hayride or getting lost in a corn maze or go geo-caching. Check your local classified to see what offerings are in your area.

    Indoor Fall Activities

    While I strongly encourage you to enjoy the fall weather and colors while you can, there are some days when it is just going to be too cold, or rainy or somehow just not convenient to go out. There are also lots of great ways to celebrate autumn indoors.

    If you live in a family of sports fans, celebrate football season by inviting friends and family to watch a game with you.

    Alternatively, if your kids love arts and crafts, buy a stack of supplies and let them go nuts decorating for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Maybe you’ll even get in on the fun yourself!

    And remember that trip to the farmers market? Doesn’t an apple crisp or a pumpkin pie sound nice right about now? If they are old enough, get the kids involved!

    So next time you hear a weather report that leaves you feeling just a bit down about the end of summer, open your door and mind to all that fall has to offer – because it really does have a lot to offer.

    So don`t wait. Winter will be here before you know it. Make your fall list of fun things to do and start doing them! Get out there and embrace the season!

    We want to know what you think.  What cool things do you do to make the fall season a blast?

    ~Dynamic Living Team

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