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  • Celebrate Your Life

    Celebrate Your Life!



    Celebrate Your Life!

    “All things get better with time.”

    During the month of September I reflect on how to enhance the celebration of my life.  This gets triggered by that fact that my birthday is September 8th!  “Happy Birthday to ME!”  If you are anything  like me when your birthday comes around you go into a celebration mode mixed in with massive work ethic to get things done.

    I’ve been staying up to midnight working overtime to push my career and business to the next level.  With all this massive action taking place I have to consistently be in a state of gratitude and celebration for the good things that are going on around me and in my life.



    5 Ways to Powerfully Celebrate Your Life:

    1.  Refuse to settle for anything less than fabulous.  In other words don’t stop until you have surpassed your own best efforts.

    2.  Let it go. If something is bothering you release it and move on.  Take a deep breath and inhale a vibration of Celebration into your energy space.

    3.  Take a leap of faith and always believe in your visions, goals and aspirations.

    4.  Share your world with others.  Let your loved ones, co-workers, employees, neighbors ect. know the good news in your life.  Don’t share the bad news, it will only keep you powerless and in pain.

    5.  Don’t take no for an answer in your life.  Let the world be your YES!

    I can remember when I started to consistently shift my way of thinking to a celebratory mind state. Being around my kids has made me see that the celebration way of living is our true happy, upbeat nature.


    Dynamic Living Doable: Share the good news about your life to someone new every day. It could be your kids, the family dog, the plants in your house, your neighbor, your mom or a friend.  It doesn’t matter just get in the habit of speaking celebration into your life.

    In the comment area below let the Dynamic Living Community know how your going to create a life of celebration. You never know, what you have to say could be the turning point to inspire someone else.

    I’d love to hear from you. I want to know; do you share the good things in your life or just the bad?  Lets Celebrate Your Life; tell me what exciting things are going on in your life.

    Your story matters to me, please share it in the comments below. Remember your experience may be the insight someone in our Dynamic Living Community needs!

    Thank you for taking a Dynamic Stand for your life.

    With Love,



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