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  • 4 Healthy Habits for Winter

    I love winter!  The weather is cooling, the leaves are changing, and everyone is getting back to a more regular schedule now that summer is gone. I love this time of year, because it gives me a chance to make some changes to my routine without going crazy. It’s good to change things up, and the change of seasons is a perfect time to make some changes to old habits and routines.

    Change Up Your Workout Routine

    Fall is a great time to get outdoors. The fresh air and the cooler weather are perfect for ditching the gym and cycling or running the track. I love to start my mornings of with a brisk jog in the fresh autumn air. There is no substitute for the oxygen and sunshine!

    Go Meat Free

    No, I’m not suggesting becoming a vegetarian. But summer grilling usually involves a lot of meat, which is harder to digest and is not the healthiest option out there. Pick one night to go meat free, and incorporate seasonal ingredients instead. Big leafy greens, apples, pumpkin, winter squash, and eggplant are coming into season. And some vegetables that are available all year long are better in the fall – their traditional season – like broccoli and garlic. I like trying new recipes with locally grown produce from the farmer’s market. Mmm…tasty!

    Find a New Inspiration

    During this time between the active summer and the busy time of the holiday season, I like to take this time to reflect on my year so far, and think about what I need to work on during the rest of the year. I love to find a new inspirational book to help me start to think in a different way. I LOVE Maya Angelou! I always find inspiration when I read anything she writes. Who is inspirational to you?

    Make Family Time Top Priority

    During the summer, family vacations, picnics, and barbeques often leave family members going in their own direction. Now that things have calmed down and family schedules are back on track, make sure you get back to regular family time. As a new mom, I have learned to incorporate family time into my busy schedule as a valuable part of my parenting. The cooler evenings can be the perfect opportunity to take a family walk around the neighborhood.

    I want to know:

    What healthy habits do you have for the fall?

    How do you incorporate them into your busy schedule?



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